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T S C Design Industrial & Commercial L.E.D. Light has a professional research team, which can develop and research the unique LED lighting according to customer's design request. We also have the sale and after-sales service for all our clients. During the past four years of development, our LED lighting's have become hot items in many countries.

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We consider high quality, fast turnaround, competitive price and gold creditability as our business principal. Therefore, most of our customers consider us as a reliable partner designer in U.S.A. Industrial commercial and residential Lighting by T S C Design welcomes potential partners in the worldwide scope either for a long-term strategic partnership or for the cooperation concerning some specific projects. We look forward to working with our international peers to jointly drive forward the energy saving and Eco-friendly lighting technology.

Our Philosophy

At T S C Design Industrial, Commercial and residential L.E.D. Lighting, we are Committed to Energy Efficiency our company's attitude toward building environmentally conscious products permeates into its everyday business culture. In addition to leading personally healthy lifestyles, T S C Design Industrial Lighting employees share in environmental concerns by separating trash into recycling receptacles, eliminating disposable plastic beverage bottles, minimizing the use of disposable plastic food containers, and instilling a "lights off" policy for unoccupied areas of its headquarters building among other environmentally friendly practices.

More About Us

Integrated With Architectural Features:
From architectural meshes to customizing fixture housings to innovative cable routing, T S C Design Industrial commercial and residential LED Lighting can engineer a lighting solution that blends seamlessly with the architecture of your design.

Completely Controllable:
Different projects have different lighting requirements. T S C Design Industrial commercial and residential Lighting control solutions range from simple dimming to color changes to video-like effects. This flexibility enables T S C Design Lighting to meet almost any content or lighting effect requirement.

Working from a basic set of LED lighting tools, T S C Design Lighting Project Services Team works with designers to create solutions that fit each application. Services can include wiring diagrams, custom fixture suggestions, light beam angle and density studies, programming, system architecture designs, on-site commissioning, and more.

T S C Design Lighting project services team has worked with designers at various stages of a project to define facade lighting solutions from the beginning schematic design concepts to retro-fits of completed buildings.

T S C Design

Comparing with traditional HPS or Mercury high bay lights, our LED high bay lights save 50% - 65% electricity cost. 100lm/w.
Lifespan is 3 - 5 times than lifespan of HPS, metal halide and halogen high bay lights. No maintain cost. Eco-friendly - no lead, mercury or air pollution.

Our Services

Low Voltage Industrial Light
Up to 60% save energy by L.E.D.
Low Voltage lighting retrofit.
Industrial low voltage lighting retrofit.
Interior store lighting.
Full interior L.E.D. Lighting design.


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